Do I need computer knowledge to use this home inspection software program?
No. Inspection Report Creator software requires no computer knowledge other than how to browse the internet and login to the software. All the composition and formatting of the inspection reports is done for you!

Do I have to pay a fee for software support?
There are no fees for support. You should be aware that some home inspection software companies charge a monthly fee for technical support, or are extremely difficult to get answers from. We are available by email or toll free telephone any time!

Do you guarantee the lowest price for home inspection software?
No, but you generally get what you pay for. The cheaper home inspection software programs are usually just word processor templates that you could create on your own. They are not interactive programs that allow you to collect data and produce a variety of inspection reports.

Are you sure there are no hidden fees?
Absolutely none. You should be aware that some home inspection software companies attempt to sell their home inspection software piece-by-piece and you end up paying a lot more. We won't charge you for anything other than the price of setup for the inspection report software when you signup and the annual fee for hosting your reports and your continual use of the forms.

Is Inspection Report Creator the best home inspection software available?

If ease of use and fast, efficient inspection reporting are important to you then yes, Inspection Report Creator Software is unsurpassed. We are also eager to make the software exactly what inspectors want. 

What is your privacy policy?
We do not share personal information collected on this web site.
We would be happy to answer any additional questions
you may have also by email or toll-free at (800) 983 6322

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Web Posts

IRC Support:
08-26-2012 7:57pm

Sam, yes there is a free report software tutorial available when you sign up for the free demo account. This also allows you to create reports or do practice inspections and view the reports.
sam garby:
08-26-2012 7:10pm

do you have a sample of the home inspection report? tutorial?
IRC Support:
07-08-2011 9:30am

Randy: Yes, you can login to use the software with a local internet connection or with blackberry with a web browser.
Randy Shelton:
07-07-2011 8:59am

we don't have 3G or 4G in this area yet can you still run the software with a wireless card or blackberry
IRC Support:
06-22-2011 5:39pm

Susan: I don't see a way for the eye-fi cards to automatically drop the photos onto the correct forms/sections of the report. However, Android phones, tablets, iPad, etc seem to work well as they are already connected to the internet and many have built-in cameras.
Susan Limonadi:
06-22-2011 1:29pm

I am looking for a software program which integrates the eye-fye on my camera so my pictures which automatically be dropped into the report section I have open. Does your have this capability?
IRC Support:
04-20-2011 9:57am

Yes, you can use a blackberry phone or tablet with 3g or 4g or an iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile device, or any other internet capable wireless device.
Joseph Opatik:
04-19-2011 6:28pm

Can you use a Blackberry phone to take pictures and generate the report
IRC Support:
01-10-2011 8:40am

Yes, you can upload as many photos as you'd like to each report. You can even include infrared photos/images.
James Lisa:
01-09-2011 5:25pm

Can you upload photos to the inspection report ?